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Bastille Day x Aperos Frenchies

14 Julliet is of course a huge event in Metropolitan France with fireworks displays taking place across the country! Its a day of fun and family and a perfect excuse to hold a party with your favourite francophiles.
This year we made it a bit more international with 2 parties on 2 different continents!! Thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate with us in Bogota, Colombia and Munich, Germany this year.
Bogota, you were wonderful and we had a blast partying the night away with you all.
Thank you for coming out to celebrate with us Munich, next time we look forward to enjoying everyone’s company for a little while longer. Which is exactly why we need our Bogota and Munich Frenchies!
Is there a venue in your city you’d love for us to host our next event in? Do you know of an amazing photographer familiar with event photography, and ready to shoot some awesome events with us? Follow this link to our suggestion box and let us know!
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