But Wait! What even is an ‘Apéro’…?

But Wait! What even is an ‘Apéro’…?

What is an Apéro? That which we call an Apéro, By any other name, would still be a great time to enjoy a good drink with even better company…

That is not exactly how the Shakespeare quote goes of course, and we’re no Juliet, but even if you’re unfamiliar with the term Apéro, we are sure you’ve grabbed drinks with your friends after work!

If you’re an unofficial card-carrying member of the Apéros Frenchies crew (have you liked us on Facebook yet?) we can safely assume you do not need a refresher on the definition of L’Apéro. Francophiles please feel free to look smug and sip some rose. As for the rest of us, its time for a quick lesson on the French Art de Vivre

Les Français have many traditions around food and culture, but l’apéro is of particular cultural significance. Take a walk through the center of any french city at the end of a nice spring day and you’ll see the terraces come to life! Friends laughing, delicious plates, and le bonheur being shared by all.  L’apéro, or l’apéritif if you’re fancy, is typically recognized as a pre-dinner drink with snacks and finger foods. If you recognize the root of this word English speakers, be very proud, I bet you didn’t think that french grammar class would come in handy so soon! See also: Appetizer.

The Refreshments
Classic apéro drinks include a glass of champagne, the french classic pastis, gin, or any still, dry, light white wine. It’s really up to your personal preference, but if attending an apéro be sure to pick up a bottle of something appropriate along the way.
Next are the all-important snacks! You can expect anything from a simple dish of olives to a charcuterie board overflowing with delicious saucisson and fromage. If you’re invited to an Apéro Dinatoire you can expect something a bit more substantial verging on a whole meal.
Offerings are often seasonal and you will see a tantalizing variety of new snacks appear on menus and in homes throughout the year. At Apéros Frenchies we like to include all of our new international friends in the fun, at previous events we’ve even included currywurst and other delicious sausage dishes in the German mode! Who says the French can’t adapt?
Typically organized between 6-9 pm, depending on when you plan to eat dinner, it’s a time to catch up with friends and enjoy a good drink. Next time you should try the always refreshing Apéros Frenchies crowd favorite  Lillet cocktails made with Lillet Aperitif Wine.
The Company 
The refreshments aren’t everything though! The biggest and arguably the most important part of l’apéro is the company. We’ve all been at one party or another where we’ve pretended to spot someone else we knew from across the room just to escape an awkward conversation. Luckily for you, Apéros Frenchies’ after-work events attract some of the coolest people in town. So be sure to come and check out our next event! Don’t be shy, we’d be more than happy to welcome you. Make some new friends say hello to your City Ambassador, and enjoy a few drinks with Apéros Frenchies!
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