French Lifestyle for Christmas

French Lifestyle for Christmas

The French lifestyle is all about the art of living life to the fullest. Living life with pleasure and enjoyment is always a priority, whether it’s through social gatherings, excellent food, or beautiful surroundings. But today, we want to share our insights with you about French lifestyle. Ready to live life the french way?

Believe it or not, French people love to show off through social activities such as, hanging out in ‘hot spots’, drinking good wine, enjoying the best food.. but when it’s in relation to dressing up, we avoid showing off or any  brand. For French people we prefer subtle details, simplicity, and modesty.  We tend to avoid flashy colors and extravagance. It’s not tasteful to show off ones wealth. The typical Parisian wears minimalistic, simple clothes and doesn’t overload their outfit with delicate pieces. In a future article we will talk about how to dress like a Parisian. But for now, let’s focus on something coming up in less than a week now:  “Fêtes de fin d’années” aka Christmas Eve and New year’s eve!

For this time of year we make an exception, we absolutely loooove everything shining and reminders that this is the best time of the year! After all, we literally spent almost a year not having to dress up ..and I am pretty sure we are all missing it, right? So here are some brands to help you shine like a French diamond, as the saying goes “diamonds are forever”. 


The Kooples is an emblem of Anglo-Parisian elegance, nicely dressed to the nines. From shirt to party dress, from jeans to suit, and from shoes to jewelry, it is a state of mind. For women and men, The Kooples has tailor-made a neo-dandyism all on its own, a London cut revised with a French “je-ne-sais-quoi”.

Good news! This week end, The brands offers 30% off on a special Christmas selection! Check it out here:

The Kooples

Uniting feminine elegance and easy going designs with rock’n’roll boho chic. Maje is an Incontournable in the  Parisian fashion world.  Good news, you can find boutiques  in your adopted country (France, Netherland, UK, Germany, and many more!)

If you are in Germany, the brand offers up to 50% on their website: hurry up! (until tonight! )



Maje – Women

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