Meet the Team: London

Meet the Team: London

I am Audrey and I am the new London Apéros Frenchies Ambassador !
I am 26 years old and I have been calling London home for the past two years.
I am actually a country side girl as I am coming from a little city called Aurillac. You might have never heard of it as it’s a city lost in the middle of France but believe me it offers an amazing range of speciality like Truffade, (sorts of potato and cheese dish you should definitely look it up on Google 😉)My favorites places in London are of course a cheese shop called Hamish Johnson (@hjfinecheeses ). 🧀There you’ll be able to find almost all the variety of cheeses you want for a reasonable price (I am crazy about their truffle brie) and on top of that they are super friendly !I would also recommend the Floating Bakery (@the.floating.boulangerie ) this one is a little gem ! It’s a business that has been created during the pandemic and without a fail their almond croissant is one of the best (if not THE best) I have ever had ! 🥐

Finally, there is a wine bar that I really love, it’s called Vagabond (@vagabondwines). 🍷 It has different locations in London, their wines are coming from all over the world and they have a very nice range of tapas (psss: it’s not too expensive and great for a date night ! Been there done that 😉)

Anyway, enough about me, what’s more exciting than Apéros Frenchies coming back to London?! 🎉 You have no idea how excited I am to meet our London community !

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