Meet the Team: Paris

Fall has just begun, but things are heating up in Paris! We’ve several events coming up at incredible venues across the city. So we decided it was about time you met the team in Paris organizing these awesome events just for you.
Valentina is one of our current team members in Paris, France. She spent much of her life in Mexico City and of course speaks Spanish, but come say hello in French and English as well! As with any startup, its all hands on deck, and Valentina balances her roles gracefully. You’ll find her behind the camera at events, chatting it up with the bartenders, checking in on the DJ, and generally just making sure all of you are having a good time. If you spot her at an event have your smile ready because chances are she has her camera in hand and is about to get a great shot of you! From her work at the Cannes Film Festival, her skill photographing still life/culinary/spirits, and her work for us ( have you seen the pictures from our event at 1k Paris yet?) she knows how to get the shot. Feel free to check out more of her work at her personal site, and be sure to say hello at our next Paris event. When she’s not hanging out with all of us at an Afterwork, she’s most likely enjoying an Apéro out in the city with friends. Next time you’re looking for a good spot for a bite to eat be sure to check out Mon Coco in Republique (11eme), you might spot Valentina!
Dream bigger

You’ve already met Clara, another Apéros Frenchies team member. Although her formal title is Business Development and Marketing, she also writes for this blog! She’s not hard to find at any of our events as she can usually be found greeting all of our lovely Paris Frenchies at the entry, or floating around the bar catching up with all of you. If you spot her be sure to say hello! She loves meeting new people and will probably try to introduce you to potential new friends.

Of course, you already know our Co-Founder Eliz who is also currently based in Paris too! Running a company and managing various afterwork events can be hectic, but she never breaks a sweat. Moving to a new city can be stressful, but even if you’re not new to Paris, walking into a room full of 200 strangers can be a bit nervewracking. The whole Paris team is here to welcome you so don’t be shy, come say hello!
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