Music x Apéros Frenchies: Lets Dance!

Music x Apéros Frenchies: Lets Dance!

Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows the music is a (major) key to keeping the good vibes going. At your typical Apéro, you might be tempted to pass the Aux cord, or more likely the Bluetooth speaker, to that friend who has the one playlist that gets everyone going!



If you’ve been to any Apéros Frenchies event you already know we love a good DJ! Some call it fate, others call it networking, but we just so happen to know some of the best independent artists, DJs, and music groups in our host cities. Now we don’t claim to know everything… so we’re passing the metaphorical aux cord to you!

Do you know a great music group? Maybe you know a solo act who knows how to keep the good times going? Is there someone you’d love to see perform at one of our events? Are you a musician yourself, and after attending one of our events, you want to throw your hat in the ring? With a little help from our friends, we hope to make this year a little more memorable for everyone in our Apéros Frenchies crew.

So send us your Soundcloud, Youtube, BandCamp, etc. and the best way to follow up for booking info. Our suggestion boxes are open, our emails are ready, and we are detangling our headphones with one hand as we speak…

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