Ready to Start Adulting? – OY Conseil

Ready to Start Adulting? – OY Conseil

Setting up a bank account? Taxes?! Investing!!? I’m sweating already. Adulting is hard enough, but doing it as an expat in your second or third language can be even harder!

This is why we have decided to partner with OY Conseil to make sure you know how to get a little extra help if you need it. French Bureaucracy takes a special and patient touch when it comes to financial paperwork.
Luckily, OY Conseil is a Personal Finance Advising firm that can help you organize your financial situation. They can help you manage your savings, plan for retirement, structure your investments, better understand your wealth management strategies, and provide you with tax optimization recommendations. Let OY Conseil help you wrap your head around your financial future! If you’re looking to start a business, they are even prepared to advise Auto Entrepreneurs in the proper way to structure their business activities, and more!
Co-Founders Ousséni Parkouda and Yves Jérome are experienced and understand the needs of both Expats and French business owners and employees alike.
So whether you’re freelance, full time, or you’re working on your next big business idea, you can trust OY Conseil to present tailor-made solutions for your current and future financial projects or challenges! Think of them as your modern answer to all the traditional banking and finance problems you might come across. Ready to hear more? Head over to their website now!
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