As we move into the next chapter of the company and reflect on the past 4 years, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our crowdfunding in Summer 2018
We’ve come a long way in the past year, and it was through your participation that we were able to formally expand into France.
We are serial expats, and this will never change, but, this ‘homecoming’ was a welcome return to a country that has given this company its raison d’être. Sharing an Apéro and spending time with new friends and old friends alike has been a pleasure, and we are excited to see what the future holds for us.
We’ve taken the time to make this list to be able to thank you! It is only through your generous support, that we’ve been able to continue putting together our events. We’ve come so far, but we’ve so much farther to go. We hope you will continue to come along with us for the ride.
Happy Holidays and Merci!
– Marie-Anne & Eliz
Jose Abalo
Jordan Abedi
Pauline Amar
Marine Andraud
Armelin Asimane
Alexis Auberton
Léa Bailly
Nils Bartky
Alicia Baumann
Hadrien BeguecErika Beltran
Romain Bertrand
Jules Blard
Marine Bosvet
Rachel Bouchardeau
Marlene Bouvet
Camille Braun

Mathilde Brèches
Margot Brochet
Léa Cabannes
Sonia Chaker
Florian Chiron
Caroline Claude
Mélanie Coessin
Charles Collier
Marie Corniquet
Marion Cotterlaz
Josephine Dargent
Fanny De Pontbriand
Estelle De Seze
Laurence Denisenko
Nienke Fa
Agathe Fanchon
Ségolène Foltzer
Marion Gaulin
Raphaëlle Gazel
Elise Georges
Iván​ González Rodríguez
Matthieu Grandjean
Ronan Hardy
Johanna Huzard
Lara Klingler
Bernarda Ivankovic
Bertrand Jacob
Jimmy Lirvat
Laure Lalouette
Laure Larranaga
Sophie​ ​Latour Garance
Amanda​ ​Lauer
Florian​a​ Guéroult
Cédric Lavall
Roger Le Dreau
Sophie Legault
Iriel Lima
Frederic Loie
Magali Louison
Steve Malle
Charlene Martin
Borja Martinez
Valentin Matelot
Alejandro Meana
Dylan Mendy
Antuan Merinero
Janaina Morali
Mathieu Nouvier
Ines Oddo
Doriane Omarjee
Matteo Onalis
Anne-Charlotte Paillas
Olivier Pascal
Marina Perror
Thomas Persiaux
Nicolas Petit
Sibylle Pichot
Romain Prouteau
Marion Randria
Amandine Renon
Elodie Reytier
Caroline Rivière
Patrick Roloff
Joseph Roustel
Benjamin Saulnier
Delphine Sautier
Fanny Seguin
Pauline Serre
Analis Sinusia
Zsofia Tamassy
Margaux Tavernier
Justine Thevenin
Claire Tinel
Hamza Traore
Tiphaine Vandenberghe
Tiffany Vial
Timothy Wyatt
Benoit You
Diana You
Pierre-Etienne You

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