The Apéros Frenchies shop is officially open for business!
Are you looking for a unique gift idea this holiday season? Don’t stress out, Apéros Frenchies has you covered, give the gift of #FrenchStyle with limited edition FRENCHIE Mugs!
The Frenchie Girl mug is the perfect gift idea for your french loving girlfriend, wife, or sister or best friend.  The Frenchie Boy mug is a great gift idea for a french loving colleague, boyfriend, husband, or brother!
Can’t decide which one to get?! Why not get two? 
Available in several combinations, the Apéros Frenchies Mug sets are sure to cover everyone left on your Christmas list! Get a set for the couple who loves to match, 2 more for your dads who need new mugs, and another couple for your mom and an aunt!
Sadly, these mugs are exclusive limited-edition releases. This is a very fancy way of saying that we’ve only a few available so don’t wait, Grab yours today to be sure it will arrive before Christmas!
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