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5 Tips to Handle Those Expat Blues 

The expat blues are probably at the epicenter of peoples worries when moving abroad. However, at least in our opinion, this is still seen as a taboo that nobody really wants to bring up. As usual, Apéros Frenchies has your back!  today, I decided to share some top tips with you guys based on my experience regarding this incredible but also not easy journey of being an expat.  Hopefully these tips to handles those expat blues will help you to get through this difficult time!


We often move to a new country by ourselves and most often for a job opportunity. We say goodbye to our family, our friends and we jump into a new adventure not knowing exactly how long it will last. But keep in mind that this is an exciting feeling and that’s the reason why we are doing it after all, embrace the adventure and keep in mind that expat blues is part of the journey!

1 – Open your heart to a new relationship

Have you ever noticed that people are usually more open minded in your new adopted country than back home? The expat syndrome is contagious!

When we live abroad, we usually leave everyone behind and start a new life. We don’t have our family, our best mates or ex classmates to hang out with anymore. It’s hard to socialise and make real connections. So, if you don’t take this opportunity to open your heart to unknown people, you can possibly end up by yourself at home feeling this expat blues. (And this is probably not what you are looking for! 😉 

Why not go for some drinks with your colleagues afterwork and take this opportunity to build relationships. You can break the ice by asking some simple questions such as if they already lived abroad or moved to another city. It helps to break the ice and maybe you will find some common points to chat about. The main thing is that you put yourself out there and make an effort, trust me, you won’t regret it! Who knows, maybe you will meet your best mate or long-time partner in the process 🙂

2 – Try to socialise as much as possible

Yes, I know, it’s easy to say and especially during this lockdown time where we’d rather be tucked up and cosy at home.. but don’t be lazy, take this chance and remember that we always meet people for a reason!  Why not ask this easy-going friend to go for a walk / run or to grab a coffee outside and tell him/her to bring a friend or two?

Never underestimate this spontaneous catch up, because sometimes that is how you make the best – unexpected – connections!  By the way, we often say in French “Les amis de mes amis sont mes amis” (My friends’ friends are my friends). Get it? 



3 – Use social networks

I have seen many times in the different countries/cities I have livedin, people posting in expat groups asking to meet new friends. It takes courage to do it, but I am pretty sure that most of them met some cool people to hang out with or good friends, you have nothing to lose!

Don’t be ashamed to ask, there is absolutely no shame in this! we all went through it and most people would appreciate it because they are probably feeling the same way but are too afraid to take the initiative! 

Even though I personally don’t use Facebook that much anymore it is a great network to share these kind of experiences and to join expat groups in your new city (or just our Apéros Frenchies’ page 😉 )


4 –  Exercise the language part of your brain!

What’s worse than living in a country where we don’t speak the language? Living in our bubble doesn’t help much either when trying to integrate! Although some languages can be more attractive than others, you really have to force yourself to learn. Believe me, I’ve been living in Germany long enough without speaking German to understand the struggle. 😉 It took me almost 3 years to start pushing myself to learn. I personally used an online platform :  Babbel and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s easy, playful, and best of all, at your fingertips, online! It really helped me to warm to German and broke down lots of barriers to the language! ;’)

Learn a new language with Babbel



5 – Organise small events at home

Due to the pandemic, the restrictions are different depending on the country you live in. However, if we cannot meet in restaurants or bars, generally you are still allowed to invite friends over (check the restrictions regarding your country).

I realized that despite this lack of social life/ crazy nights, we’ve been forced to focus on what’s real and it is important. Yes, Friday night fever is cool but what about a nice diner and good wine at home with great people? You can have some good chats, and even learn new things about your friends, such as musical ability!

For instance, it might be a nice idea to prepare a special dish from your country so that your friends can also try something new, this is the core of expat life and experience! Friends are always happy to discover new cultures! Also, don’t hesitate to check out our article  Apéro at Home – Plan the Perfect Apéro!  If, you are running out of time, we definitely advise you to have a look at this website!  HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week!



Don’t worry, if cooking is not one of your best skills, you can still order food from your local restaurant  using the handy app and keep it easy! 

Anyway, use this opportunity to ask friends about their feelings and how they handle their expat blues. You’d be surprised when you ask this question that you won’t be the only one who has mixed feelings! 😉


6 – Zoom Apéro from Apéros Frenchies 

You probably know about us because you’ve been to our networking events, right? Or maybe someone told you to come! I will soon talk soon about the reasons that drove me to build Apéros Frenchies and organise those events. However, unfortunately, we cannot organise events right now but some of you asked us about some digital Apéros to connect all of you guys! 

We have already done it a few times and we had a lot of fun! Let us know it is something you would like to do again! 


BONUS Treat yourself! (One of my personal favourites)

Who said we couldn’t buy happiness? It’s true that happiness does not comprise of an online order, but it can contribute! (Raise your hand if you agree!) 

Have a look at it, find your perle rare, add it to your Christmas Wishlist and enjoy! 

Cosy Blancket with sleeves 

Bathtube shelf with sucker 

Foot massager 

By the way, maybe you already checked it out before, but we have also written an article about our favourite products to buy especially tailored to a busy expat lifestyle!  

Also, if like me, you crave delicious French chocolate, I can give you a tip, you can definitely buy a bit of happiness here! (That’s my personal secret but don’t shout it too loud!) 

That’s it for today guys! I hope I helped you a bit regarding your expat journey with these top tips to handle these expat blues. Please, don’t hesitate to comment on our Facebook post if you have other ideas to share or would like to find out more and don’t forget to follow our Instagram page too! 

Remember: You mum always told you “don’t talk to strangers!” ? BREAK THE RULES!

Melia Cartagena Karmairi

An All Inclusive Oasis – Meliá Karmairi, Cartagena

The Meliá Cartagena Karmairi hotel is an All-inclusive hotel for Adults Only. In Manzanillo del Mar, only 15 minutes from Cartagena it is the perfect resort for a couple or adult group of friends looking to relax and leave the stress of city life behind.


Melia Cartagena Karmairi
When the hotel says “all inclusive”, they really mean it! Fancy some  fresh Mojitos by the pool? The friendly staff will deliver them  to you as soon as possible? Did you work up an appetite swmming all day? The all you can eat buffet has many option, whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and it is good!) 
Although, be prepared to have a bit of patience when it comes to the service.. remember you are in the Caribbean and if you are used to having things instantly, it’s not always the case here  😉 
We know unlimited food and beverages can be a worry if you’re not trying to come back from vacation carrying 3 extra kilos, but the Melia has you covered. Their gym is fully equipped, and also happens to have a great view to enjoy a sunrise or sunset…but of course, running on the beach is only 5 minutes away.
What we ❤:
– All-inclusive concept
– Margaritas by the pool
– View on the beach
– Bedrooms (really cozy and calm)
– Running on the beach ( 5 minutes walking from the hotel)




All Photos Courtesy of the Meliá Karmairi Cartagena By Meliá © Melia.com

A 15th Century Boutique Hotel – Casa Drake, Cartagena

The Casa de Alba Boutique Hotel is a renovated colonial mansion with 7 comfortable, harmonious rooms, designed to make your stay unique and special.
The story goes that it was the home of the famed 15th Century Pirate Francis Drake. Casa de Alba Hotel’s location in the heart of the walled city, situates it within walking distance of some of the most popular sites in Cartagena. Take a walk down the Calle de los Santos and soak in the colors as you head to some of the most popular restaurants and bars in the city!
When you’re ready, slip back behind the impressive doors to enjoy the marvelous courtyard and your own little piece of paradise. Sit by the pool, close your eyes and you might get a taste of what heaven must be like. The rooms are huge and very comfy all with courtyard views.

The restaurant is simply delicious and the portions are generous. You can drink your coffee or enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony while enjoying the view on the bustling street down below.

What we ❤:
– Views on the street
– Location in the old town
– Pool
– Duplex bedrooms
– The intimate experience
 Casa de Alba Boutique Hotel © 2020 

Rooftop Pool and Skyline Views- Allure Chocolat, Cartagena

This hotel offers a beautiful rooftop pool with a view on the skyline where you can enjoy a nice sunset far from the crowds. With 70 bedrooms the hotel has an intimate feeling and makes you forget you are in the center of Cartagena.

After a walk in the city’s old town, we were happy to jump into the pool at the  Allure ChocolatMake yourself confortable on the terrace, order a  Margarita (or two), have some appetizers and be ready to enjoy a great sunset…!

Don’t hesitate to have dinner in their restaurant the Red Knife and meet the chef, Diego. We recommend the meat and the risotto! Both dishes were delicious, the waiters incredibly nice, and the service was excellent.

What we ❤:
– The rooftop bar/ pool & the view
– Excellent service
– The restaurant “Red Knife” – very delicious!

– Breakfast on the terrace




 Allure Chocolat © 2020, Karisma Hotels. All rights reserved.


Seeking Tranquilidad – Conrad Hotel, Cartagena

Cartagena, the sun, the colors and, la buena onda …



At only 15 minutes driving from the old town, the Conrad is an oasis in the middle of nature. Inspired luxury in a world heritage city with warm tropical roots welcomes you just steps away from the Caribbean. Do not waste a moment, upon
At only 15 minutes driving from the old town, the Conrad is an oasis in the middle of nature. Inspired luxury in a world heritage city with warm tropical roots welcomes you just steps away from the Caribbean. Do not waste a moment, upon arrival head down to the expansive Karibana Beach Club, and see the impressive architecture that highlights the calm and the beauty of the setting. The resort offers an 18 hole golf course and a modern gym for those who like to stay active on vacation. After a long day of swimming and golfing in the beautiful sunshine, why not take advantage of their luxurious spa and unwind. The options are endless between, the 4 beachfront pools, seven delectable restaurants, and of course the breathtaking ocean views. 
At only 15 minutes driving from the old town, the Conrad is an oasis in the middle of nature. Inspired luxury in a world heritage city with warm tropical roots welcomes you just steps away from the Caribbean. Do not waste a moment, upon
At only 15 minutes driving from the old town, the Conrad is an oasis in the middle of nature. Inspired luxury in a world heritage city with warm tropical roots welcomes you just steps away from the Caribbean. Do not waste a moment, upon
From the private beach to the beautiful sunset views on the horizon, there is so much to love! So why not grab a margarita by the pool and enjoy the excellent service. The calming atmosphere is almost enough to make you forget you’re in Cartagena…


All Photos Courtesy of the Conrad Cartagena By Hilton © 2020 Hilton