Meet the Team

Meet the Team: London

I am Audrey and I am the new London Apéros Frenchies Ambassador !
I am 26 years old and I have been calling London home for the past two years.
I am actually a country side girl as I am coming from a little city called Aurillac. You might have never heard of it as it’s a city lost in the middle of France but believe me it offers an amazing range of speciality like Truffade, (sorts of potato and cheese dish you should definitely look it up on Google 😉)My favorites places in London are of course a cheese shop called Hamish Johnson (@hjfinecheeses ). 🧀There you’ll be able to find almost all the variety of cheeses you want for a reasonable price (I am crazy about their truffle brie) and on top of that they are super friendly !I would also recommend the Floating Bakery (@the.floating.boulangerie ) this one is a little gem ! It’s a business that has been created during the pandemic and without a fail their almond croissant is one of the best (if not THE best) I have ever had ! 🥐

Finally, there is a wine bar that I really love, it’s called Vagabond (@vagabondwines). 🍷 It has different locations in London, their wines are coming from all over the world and they have a very nice range of tapas (psss: it’s not too expensive and great for a date night ! Been there done that 😉)

Anyway, enough about me, what’s more exciting than Apéros Frenchies coming back to London?! 🎉 You have no idea how excited I am to meet our London community !

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Meet The Team: Munich

Happy Monday Munich Frenchies! We hope you’re enjoying all of the Oktoberfest Festivities and had a great time at our Oktoberfest themed event at Cocoon Hotel last week!
If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen our Co-Founder May there helping our Munich Ambassador keep the party going! If you were really lucky you might have even caught them out later in the week joining the crowds in the famous Oktoberfest tents.
Laurianne is our current City Ambassador in Munich, Germany. Although Munich is now her home, Laurianne is actually a Paris native! The next time you run into her feel free to say hello in German, English, or Italian. In addition to organizing all of our awesome events, Laurianne does spend some time enjoying all that Munich has to offer.
Next time you’re feeling hungry in Munich Laurianne recommends Brasserie Colette , a restaurant specializing in French brasserie cuisine.
Although they’ve put a spin on the classic plates we know and love, it is perfect if you’re looking for a touch more French ambiance in your life. Their menu is impressive and the food looks incredible, so do not be surprised if you catch a few fellow Frenchies there on a night out!
You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved
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Meet the Team: Paris

Fall has just begun, but things are heating up in Paris! We’ve several events coming up at incredible venues across the city. So we decided it was about time you met the team in Paris organizing these awesome events just for you.
Valentina is one of our current team members in Paris, France.
After spending much of her life in Mexico City, Valentina is a fluent Spanish speaker, but her linguistic talents don’t end there. If you spot her at an event come say hello in French and English as well!
As with any startup, it is all hands on deck, and Valentina balances her roles gracefully: You’ll find her behind the camera at events, chatting it up with the bartenders, checking in on the DJ, and generally just making sure all of you are having a good time.
If she spots you at an event, be sure to have your smile ready!
Chances are, if she has her camera in hand she is about to get a great shot of you. From her work at the Cannes Film Festival, her skill photographing still life/culinary/spirits, and her work for us she knows how to get the shot.
Check out her photography from our event at 1k Paris and even more of her work at her personal site.
When she’s not hanging out with all of us at an Afterwork, she’s most likely enjoying an Apéro out in the city with friends. Next time you’re looking for a good spot for a bite to eat be sure to check out Mon Coco in Republique (11eme), you might spot Valentina!

Dream bigger

You’ve already met Clara, another Apéros Frenchies team member.

Although her formal title is Business Development and Marketing, she also writes for this blog! She’s usually not hard to find at any of our events, be sure to stop by the host stand and greet her on your way in.  You’ll for sure catch her hanging around the bar catching up with all of you. If you spot her be sure to say hello! She loves meeting new people and will probably try to introduce you to potential new friends.

Of course, you already know our Co-Founder Eliz who is also currently based in Paris too! Running a company and managing various after-work events can be hectic, but she never breaks a sweat.
We know moving to a new city can be stressful. Even if you’re not new to Paris, walking into a room full of 200 strangers can be a bit nervewracking. The whole Paris team is here to welcome you so don’t be shy, come and say hello!
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Frankfurt Skyline at Sunset with Apéros Frenchies

Meet The Team: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

It’s been a wonderful summer with all of our lovely Frankfurt Frenchies enjoying Terraces and Rooftops all over the city! You may have noticed several of the Apéros Frenchies Team floating around the room, but did you know there are actually two dedicated Frankfurt Ambassadors ready to meet you?

Christoph is one of our current City Ambassadors in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.

As you all know by now, Apero Frenchies was founded in Frankfurt in 2015. Christoph began attending Apéros Frenchies events not too long after he moved to Frankfurt from his hometown of Würzburg, Germany and officially joined the team in May!

German is his native language, but feel free to say hello to him in either English or Spanish as well. We know our Frankfurt Frenchies count the Adina Hotel as one of their favorite spots in the city, so if you’re hanging out on the rooftop, be sure to keep an eye out! You just might run into Christoph. Frankfurt is one of our largest Afterwork Events cities, but Christoph always keeps an eye out for any newcomers. Don’t be afraid to say hello, friendly tip for any newcomers, his favorite drink is a Jägermeister-Bull.
“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

Léa is our second current City Ambassadors in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany.
She is originally from a small village close to Grenoble, France called Bilieu. French is her native language, but if you spot her feel free to say hello in English, Spanish or of course German as well. After a year in Frankfurt, she has plenty of recommendations for cool spots. If you’re headed out in the city, be sure to check out the Bar Ohne Namen (aka Good times for Good People) , you might catch Léa there having one of their delicious Basil Smash cocktails! New in Frankfurt? Don’t be shy, be sure to say hello to Léa at our next event and let her introduce you to some of our awesome Frankfurt Frenchies. “Be the friend you always wanted to have”
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Meet the Team: City Ambassadors

Did you know that in every one of our event cities we have a dedicated Ambassador there just to plan awesome events for you? Have you attended an Apéros Frenchies event and thought “I know the perfect place for them to hold the next one?” Or have you wondered how we organize all these awesome events and are looking for a way to get involved?
If any of these situations apply to you then you are definitely in the right place!
We are excited to introduce you to all of our Ambassadors. We are French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese speakers from 3 continents who all have a passion for getting things done! Next time you’re at an event, don’t be shy, we love to meet new people! We are here not only to show you to the most chic and trendy venues in your city, but to introduce you to the some of the coolest people around. We look forward to saying Hello, Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Olá, or Hola to you at the next event!
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