Mauricio Cuervo Hair Styling

The Perfect Hairdresser in Your City!

Lockdown is over, even though we can’t see you at one of our events at the moment, it  means hairdressers are open once again! Thank God, we don’t have to cut our hair by ourselves anymore! Apéros Frenchies’ team knows the struggles of being an expat and finding the perfect hairdresser in your city. Discover our favorite salons depending on the city you’re based in! (Frankfurt, London, Munich)

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Receive 30% off your hair appointment when you mention Apéros Frenchies!

Enjoy great service from Mauricio or his team and maybe even indulge in a few extra treatments at the separate nail bar! Did you know? Any tips received at Mauricio Cuervo Hairstyling Salon are directly sent to benefit Niños Con Futuro, a foundation committed to improving the quality of life of Colombian orphan children. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving! So head on over and switch it up with a new cut or maybe even add a little color! Our very own Co-Founder Marie Anne stops by whenever she’s in town needing a fresh hairstyle, so he comes highly recommended! The perfect hairdresser in your city!

For full contact info, find his card here. We can’t wait to see your new looks!
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Where to find the  salon:
Kirchnerstrasse 3 Frankfurt,
Germany 60311
+49 171 5867170
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Credit Margaux Salon
  • London family, if you are French, you have probably heard of the wonderful Margaux Natural Boutique Salon. Coming from a family of hairdressers, French entrepreneur Margaux Cras opened her salon in London in 2017, and since then, has become a staple for the French community. Her friendly team is always ready to give you a warm welcome in French or English! 
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Reason #1 why we love Margaux Salon: from hair to nails, she only works with natural products!
As an Award-Winning Natural Boutique Salon, the team carefully selects natural and organic products and brands that give you the best quality treatments. Here, you can enjoy the luxury of ultra-effective hair and nail care, without sacrificing the quality! 
With services for both men and women, why not bring your man along for your next treatment? Ranging from hairstyling (including cuts, blow-dry, hair-up, wedding hairdo and hair extensions) to manicures and pedicures, there is something for everyone. Don’t just take our word for it, follow them on Instagram here to discover all of their amazing work! Be sure to keep an eye on their Instagram page, as well as ours, because a little birdie told us they might host a Giveaway Contest for a lucky customer! 
Get ready for a future Kentish Town location coming soon, we can’t wait to see you there. Until then, check out the Highbury location:
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Where to find the salon:
140 Blackstock Rd,
Finsbury Park, London N4 2DX,
United Kingdom
+44 20 3952 8597
(NB: Due to covid 19 , it will re open in July)
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  • Munich community, this next one’s for you!
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Nestled in the heart of the city, BarBier offers the best hairdressing services for you and your crew. Come enjoy pure relaxation and fresh coffee in a cozy living room atmosphere during your next service. BarBier does it all – haircuts, hair extensions or thickening, hair coloring and even barber services! With 96% natural ingredients, you can feel good about getting the treatment you want. They only work with sustainable companies with almost all of their products coming from Europe. Chic, cool and vegan all come together at this Munich salon, you simply must stop by and have a look! 
Pssst…. word on the street is they offer a free beer and head or hands massages when you mention Apéros Frenchies on the day of your appointment! Isn’t it the perfect hairdresser in your city!
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Where to find the salon:
Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 1A,
80539 München, Germany
+49 89 14336833
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A Way to Support your Favorite Bars – [W]eine Familie

All over the world, the hospitality business is currently facing a difficult time.  In France, bars & restaurants are still closed until further noticed while in Germany, they are open for take away only.  Despite these partial openings, some german restaurateurs came out with great ideas to help each other. A way to support our favorite bars.

Across Germany, restaurateurs are urgently looking for ways to generate sales, despite the situation and this is how the idea of  [W]eine Familie came out – an association of restaurateurs, supporting each other in collaboration with the renowned VDP winery Nik Weis .A way to support our favorite bars.

By creating their own personalized and wine bottles, they offer different type of wine to satisfy your everyday cravings. Weissburgunde, Grauburgunder, or Riesling, you can pick your favorite limited edition bottles, order them for less than 10 euros/bottle,  and enjoy it while chilling at home. Isn’t it a great way to both help and enjoy?

For years, we had the chance to spend time together in these different locations, enjoying both great food & good drinks. But it was mostly about the great memories with friends or colleagues. We can’t wait to go back there together and cheers to it! Now, it’s our turn to show them that we’ve got their back.

In Frankfurt and Munich, renown restaurants such as Vaivai, Chinaski tagesbar, Zephyr, Sullivan, IMA, Grapes, Good time for Good people..are already taking part of this “wine family“. Feel free to spot the different ones from your city and support your favorite bars here!


Do you still need some ideas to pair your wine for your next “Apéro” ? Count on us to help you and  check out our latest suggestions. Don’t hesitate to give us feedback, and share your Aperitif on Instagram with us  tagging  @aperos_frenchies.


The Perfect Cognac Cocktail for Apéro – Sense of Spirits

​Reading, working out, and cooking… a lot of us have discovered some new skills during this – what we could call – a “suspended time”. Even if your days are similar, your Apéro beverage doesn’t have to be! It’s time to try new evening saveurs with Sense of Spirit! Allow your mind to escape to the French countryside, with this a cognac cocktail for Apéro!


Quarantine, week 5. Facing those last daily rays of sunlight, we take time to check on our loves ones more than never. We talk about our daily routines, about those empty streets that we can see all day from our balconies, and gossip about those ones breaking the rules. We try to guess what is coming next, we exchange some tips, and most of the time we virtually cheer together. Now, it’s time to break your routine.

Cognac lovers? Wine lovers? We found the perfect combine for your next apéro! Sweet from the grape but keeping the intensity from the Cognac, those ready-to-sip cocktails might sparkle up your quarantine evenings! Be ready to enjoy  your cognac cocktail for the Apéro, from your favorite home spot : balcony/ kitchen/ or  living room.

This new french brand: Sense of Spirits  sets a new paradigm to taste and enjoy the subtleties of cognac. Their premium products come in different flavours to meet today´s generation desire for refinement, delicacy and French finesse. They create inspiring and timeless lifestyle drinks and strive themselves to introduce new ways to let people enjoy cognac differently!

Various arts are conveyed through Sense of Spirits including the art of producing Cognac, the “Haute cuisine” and painting. Sense of Spirits artworks are created by a reknown artist, Francois Fressinier, from Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Ready to discover fresh and fruity aromas from the grape balanced with an elegant twist of cognac?

Great news, apply 15€ off to orders over 75€ with our promo code APEROSFRENCHIES on their website Sense of Spirits 

Also, we prepared you a DIY recipe to make your own cocktail at home: Cognac Café frappé. Check out our Instagram page to find more about the tutorial. 

Pssst,  If you need inspiration for the perfect Apéro plate while sipping your cognac cocktails, we have got your back! Now it’s time to enjoy  your cognac cocktail for the Apéro!

Die Fromagerie finished board

More Cheese? Please! – Die Fromagerie, Frankfurt Am Main

Hey Frenchies! Have you been joining our weekly live streams over on Instagram these past couple of weeks? If not you’re missing out on some great music and masterclasses from some of our favorite partners. This week we were happy to feature Die Fromagerie in Frankfurt. Not only is it one of our teams’ favorites, it is an apéro hotspot for many of our Frankfurt Frenchies!

Before we get into their recommendations, we’d like to thank all of you who tuned in to join us for the At Home Apéro! Special shout out to Michel.Music for keeping the live stream going with some great music, you can find his Soundcloud if you’re looking for more. 

Be sure to tag @aperos_frenchies and use #shareyourapero for a chance to be featured in our Instagram story after the live broadcast.

We have fantastic news for our Frankfurt Frenchies as Die Fromagerie is still open through the ongoing situation. Everything you need to make the charcuterie board of your dreams is available to be ordered and picked up*.

Be sure to call them at +49 173 6684608 or write them on Instagram to place an order.

*Please be advised that if you intend to stop by the store to place or pick up your order that you should follow all local health guidelines as to protective actions that must be taken. Stay Safe!

The Guide to the Perfect Charcuterie Board

We were able to have a quick chat with our Frankfurt Ambassador Alicia and Die Fromagerie Owner Alexandre Allemany. Alex was full of recommendations for us:

The first thing to consider is the Five kinds of cheese, “5 kinds of cheese are necessary to every cheese board, at a minimum, this is what you need to ensure a variety of tastes” says Alex, “Once you have this, you have a great base”.

  • The main key is to have a variety, from a variety of regions.
  • 24-Month-old Comte a favorite and popular in every region of France
  • A smooth cheese like a brie or camembert
  • A Goat cheese, “Herbed from the south of France is best, and it really pulls the plate together” 
  • Don’t forget the blue cheese, “I know some people don’t like its strong flavor, but its too delicious for me to leave off the plate!”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with local tastes! Die Fromagerie will include frischkäse for its German customers as it is a popular option all over the country. 

Add something sweet to balance the flavors on your tongue, and don’t forget the extras!
  • Don’t be afraid to add some fruit, ” Try something in season or pick a regional favorite that pairs well with the cheeses already on the platter”
  • Peanuts, “They are a popular snack when drinking for a reason, but feel free to add some to the apéro”
  • Almonds, “Almonds are the perfect complement so feel free to add them to the plate even if they are less popular”
  • Olives, “Do not forget to add the olives to create a well-rounded plate!”
The Saucisson: DON’T BE CHEAP!
  • Rosette de Lyon, ” We have a rule here about no CHEAP SAUCISSON. This particular variety has a low fat content, and is absolutely delicious”
  • Jambon de Bayonne, “Is a regional favorite from the French Southwest. It is similar to the very famous Spanish aged ham, it is often sold cut very thin” 
  • Pro-Tip: ” Feel free to experiment with specialties from each region. You know you will get a good pairing when you feature cheese and wine from a similar region, so do not be afraid to do the same when considering the meat” 
Be Creative.
  • You can do a regional-specific apéro, but if you do this, focus on the specific regions, “I’d recommend a Rosé from Provence, and a piece of goat cheese from the same region” 
  • Of course don’t forget the drinks, ” Protip: Sparkling wines are also a good option to try out if you want to change up your apéro.”

Thank you again to Alicia, Alex, and the whole Die Fromagerie team for taking the time out to passing along their tips!

We are looking forward to gathering with all of you again soon, but until then be sure to keep up with us on social media! Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything Apéros Frenchies. By the way, have you checked out our Apéro At Home Series yet? Catch the first article here, and be sure to subscribe now to never miss an update


Summertime Secrets – Flow, Paris

Summertime in Paris means warmer weather, longer days, and most importantly, apéros with friends! If you’re a seasoned Parisian, you know the Seine river is the go-to spot for meeting friends. Meet us at Le Flow!

If a riverside picnic isn’t cutting it for you anymore, we have you covered! Here at Apéros Frenchies, we like to find the best gems in the city. So, gather your crew, throw on your favorite summer look and head over to  Flow Paris!

Located steps away from the stunning Alexandre III bridge, this is the spot to see and be seen! Flow boasts a sunny terrace along the quays, ideal for drinking and dining. Not enough to satisfy you?  We love it for the barge docked just across the way. Known for its ever popular rooftop overlooking iconic Parisian landmarks, this is the perfect place to gather the crew and sip cocktails. You will be back time and time again!

We’re already day-dreaming of summertime in Paris and the chance to be back at Flow enjoying a chilled bottle of rosé while soaking up the sun!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with everything Apéros Frenchies – you might just see one of our team members there!


Credit: Flow Paris, Apéros Frenchies

Aperos Frenchies Welcome

The Breakdown: Get to Know Apéros Frenchies

Apéros Frenchies was founded by French sisters Marie Anne and Eliz You in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany in 2015. After traveling and spending time as expats in several countries they were missing the little touches of home. So they decided to unite the French expatriate community and share their culture and culinary tastes with their new community. What better way to do this than through a casual Apéro? This is how Apéros Frenchies was born!
The Beginnings

Who could have known in September 2015 how quickly we would grow, and how many cities we would have the opportunity to bring the French tradition of Apéro! From our very first official Facebook event at the Westin Grand Frankfurt, we were excited to meet people who wanted to experience the French Art-de-Vivre. It was a year of firsts, from Summer Garden Parties to our Comme à la Maison event at Coco-Mat ! We even partnered with some of our favorite brands like Tara Jarmon and Ligne Roset and invited you to exclusive events. 

While Frankfurt is the birthplace of Apéros Frenchies, the heart of the company will always be in France. After an expansion to Munich (2016) and a trial in Stuttgart, Apéros Frenchies came to Paris in December 2018. We knew we were creating events we would want to attend, and Paris welcomed the concept with open arms. The year was filled with beautiful locations and fun moments on rooftops and on terraces all over the city!

Our Expansion

Who doesn’t love unpretentious fun at some of the best venues in the city? As ex-pats ourselves, we recognized how wonderful it was to be able to meet people in a convivial atmosphere. So we knew it was the right time to expand to more cities and bring the French Art-de-Vivre with us! We took Apéros Frenchies to Bogotá, Colombia, and London, the UK in 2019 and brought all of you along with us.

As with any rapidly expanding startup we took all the experience we gained and worked hard to maintain our values. We knew we wanted Apéros Frenchies to be a place where people from anywhere could feel at home. To that end, we have always worked to introduce all of our Frenchies to the best people we know in the best places we know.

Finally, we decided to turn our website into a place where everyone could come for inside tips! We currently comb through our international afterword event cities to find places we hope you will be excited to discover. 

The Future

Apéros Frenchies organizes monthly events in 6 cities around the world: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, and Bogota. We’ve come a long way, but as we look towards the second half of 2020 we are excited to get back to basics!

Expect more of the same after-work events you know and love, but with more fun twists! Who knows, maybe we’ll bring back our garden parties later this year? Until then, we are excited to present you all to more small businesses in the start-up community.

As we work to get through the ongoing crisis, keep an eye on our At Home Apéro series! Start reading here, and be sure to keep up with us to catch all of our upcoming content.

We are looking forward to the time when it will be safe once again to introduce you to the best, trendiest places in your city. Until then we encourage you to join our unique community by subscribing to our newsletter, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Instagram.

Die Fromagerie Plate 1

Apéro at Home – Plan the Perfect Apéro!

Planning an event for a group of friends can be stressful. From deciding where to go, when to meet, and what plates to share that fit everyone’s budgets, many a group chat has descended into chaos from the options. We here at Apéros Frenchies feel your pain! If you think planning for 10 friends is difficult, imagine what planning for 200 people looks like? Don’t worry, we’re here to help, let’s plan an apéro within the comfort of your own home!
The Food

If you’ve been keeping up with our apéro series you know what an apéro is! Thankfully for us, the rules are fluid, and you can feature any variety of snacks and appetizers to accommodate all palates and dietary restrictions. The key to success here is preparation! Be sure to make a list of your favorite cheeses, charcuterie, and accompanying vegetables.

I don’t know about you, but the selection in my local Monoprix is incredible, and I can only pronounce half of the names! So, don’t be shy about asking for help if you get overwhelmed. Our Event and Communications Manager Fanny Bertalan recommends a mix of several snack foods, “be sure to grab both cold & warm to combine with salty & sweet – the table needs to be filled with many choices”. Be sure to pay attention to seasonal offerings, and buy some interesting snacks to go along with the classic favorites. 

Our Community Manager Sara Fitussi recommends looking out for unique flavors and being adventurous, “flavored saucisson is for the real pros, look out for regional specialties with olives, cheese, or nuts”. Maybe you will get lucky and your curiosity will be rewarded with a sample at your local fromagerie? 

Your Plate

Now comes the fun part: the presentation! Feel free to get creative and cut your fromage et saucisson into perfect bite-sized pieces. Put unlikely flavor combinations next to each other and get ready to enjoy your lovely creation. Paris Frenchies,  If you’re not the creative type you can of course still order a premade board from the popular 17.45! You’ll need to move fast though as their operation Cochon Vide finishes tomorrow 27 of March. 

Frankfurt Frenchies, be sure to check out Die Fromagerie for all of your cheese needs! We heard a rumor you might still be able to borrow their raclette and fondu machines. Find out more on their Facebook page, and be sure to follow safety directives if you do decide to leave your home. Safety first! When placing an order, be sure to add truffle Cheese to your assortment, our COO & Co-Founder highly recommends it!

The Drinks

Once you have your appetizers sorted out, its time to move to the aperitifs! Of course, there are the classic wine and beer, but here at Apéros Frenchies, we love Lillet! Conviviality is the keyword, but be sure to keep the drinks light and refreshing. Classic apéro drinks include a glass of champagne, the french classic pastis, gin, or any still, dry, light white wine. It’s really up to your personal preference! 

Your Glass

At a typical Apéros Frenchies event, you will find us drinking a variety of aperitifs depending on the setting. The ever-popular gin tonic can be spotted in the hands of many attendants, but the real crowd-pleaser at our rooftop events is the Lillet tonic! Luckily for us, recreating this drink at home is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Fill your glass with ice cubes
    2. Add 10cl of Lillet (blanc/rosé/rouge)
    3. Just a splash of tonic water (to taste)
    4. Throw in some cucumber slices or maybe some citrus fruit
    5. Santé!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Lillet before your next apéro and impress your friends with your new cocktail making skills! The next time you are attending an apéro be sure to pick up a bottle of something appropriate along the way. Feel free to tag us in all your upcoming At Home Apéros with the hashtag #shareyourapero. We look forward to seeing your drinks and yummy charcuterie boards soon. 

Happy Hosting!

Redefining Your Stay – Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

Welcome to Frankfurt! Known as Europe’s banking capital, it welcomes business travelers from around the globe. Whether you are here for a short business trip or a fair, the city and the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel  are ready to welcome you!

Located just a few steps away from the world-renowned Messe Frankfurt,  the hotel is the perfect place to make you fall in love with Frankfurt from above! Holding a reputation as the tallest hotel in Germany, you can enjoy an incredible view of the city skyline from your room! The Frankfurt Marriott goes beyond a traditional hotel, it is an experience you indulge in from the moment you arrive. So drop your bags, kick off your shoes, and relax…

Good news for the fitness-minded! The 1st floor offers a fitness center with a deluxe range of sports equipment for any workout. Plus, a sauna, exclusive for women, for that post-workout relaxation! Also known for its chic sports bar, Champions – Bar & Restaurant is the classy hangout for sports fans alike. Be sure to try one of their many cocktails and enjoy a diner with good vibes!

Selected rooms include exclusive access to the new, stylish M Club Lounge… It’s the perfect place to work or catch up on your reading. The Lounge provides complimentary refreshments throughout the day. With M Club Lounge access, you can enjoy a free breakfast buffet in the morning and wine, yummy cheese & snacks in the evening. What else could you ask for.

Late bird? 5 minutes walking from the hotel, you will find another Frankfurt institution open until 4 am:   Jimmy’s bar.  This speak- easy transports you through time:  dimmed mood lighting, leather armchairs, dark wood panelling, live piano music and cigar smoke.Welcome to the golden age.     Whether you prefer chilled, freshly made cocktails, aged whisky or bubbly champagne, this also bar offers an extensive bar menu.


Photo Credit: Frankfurt Marriott Hotel & Instagram @aperos_frenchies.

Marie Anne You: Apéros Frenchies CEO

A note from our CEO & Co-Founder, Marie Anne YOU

Amid this global health crisis, we caught up with our wonderful CEO, Marie-Anne You to hear about how she is staying positive in a time of such uncertainty.

Credit: Instagram @marieanne_you

Marie Anne YOU:

“One question people have asked me a lot, these last couple weeks: “what are you actually doing during the quarantine since everything is shut down?“ As you know, we postponed all of our Apéros Frenchies events due to the current situation and our company will be a bit quiet for the next few weeks.

Well first, I’ve been at home. As silly as it sounds, I’ve been traveling non-stop for months without spending time in a real place to call HOME and it was much needed. I am the kind of person who cannot stop working/travelling/moving .. and this situation has forced me to calm down and find time for myself as well as others.

Even though I cannot find the words to describe what’s going on at the moment, I have to say that postponing the events ironically came as a benefit to us. I spend more time with my inspiring team, we brainstorm about new projects, we develop the digital side of our business, we restructure, and we are (finally) taking time to think about our branding ! Our minds are full of inspiration and great ideas, and this period allows us to take a step back and look at all that we have achieved and all that we can do!

The truth is, we are always complaining about not having enough time in our professional lives as well as in our personal lives. Now that we have this time, let’s make the most of it because tomorrow it might be gone again! So take a deep breath, and let’s enjoy all of the beautiful things that we didn’t even notice before!”

Normandy Le Chantier Reflection

CBD? Password Please… – Normandy Le Chantier, Paris

The legendary Normandy Le Chantier’s location in the 1ere Arrondissement has put it in the middle of all the action in Paris since 1877 but if you know where to look, you might just find one of Paris’ best kept secrets…



Paris is full of beautiful Haussamanian architecture and enough history to amaze even the most well-traveled explorers.  However, this newest addition to the Machefert hotels, Normandy Le Chantier, might just be in the most dreamy Parisian quarter. Going there is already an experience of its own, it is just moments walk from the Louvre and other popular tourist attractions. However, don’t let the history and imposing architecture put you off! The Normandy is anything but a conventional hotel located in the Paris city center. Don’t expect the conventional experience here, the front-desk is replaced by employees wearing post-war work overalls, who will welcome you with a large smile.

Like its name “Le Chantier” suggests, the hotel is undergoing extensive renovations but remains open to offer you an immersive experience. The cherry on top could be the plant-based canteen and pâtisserie, “Le Comptoir du Chantier”. You can enjoy a delicious buffet-style meal at any time of the day that is centered on natural ingredients and goodness.

If you’re looking for a nightlife option, however, Normandy Le Chantier welcomes you to come and find their hidden speakeasy! If you can find the entrance, follow the spiral metal staircase down into the Belle-Epoque style boudoir room and enjoy the REHAB bar. It is one of the first cocktail bars of its kind offering CBD-based and alcohol-free cocktails. Relax in the dim light, and immerse yourself in decor from a different time. Good luck and happy hunting….

Need a hint? The door is hidden behind the answer to this riddle. DM us on Instagram and check out their page here!

When you look at this
You see perfection
Because what you see
Is your reflection



Normandy Hotel
7, rue De l’échelle
75001 Paris Metro 1