Happy Friday everybody! We hope you had a wonderful week, and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Have you sorted out your evening Apéro plans yet?


If you’re in Frankfurt, we were thinking a glass of red, some delicious charcuterie, and perhaps a little help from our friends down at Die Fromagerie Frankfurt! If you’ve not had a chance to stop by their location in Nordend, you are missing out Frankfurt Frenchies…
Pro Tips: Be sure to arrive early if you plan to grab a seat! There is limited seating indoors, and the terrace can fill up quickly on sunny afternoons.
If you do manage to snag a seat you will not be disappointed! With an incredible selection of French products, you are bound to find the perfect selection of Fromage et Saucisson to create a charcuterie board to suit the tastes of everyone at your table (Co-Founder Eliz recommends adding the truffle cheese to your assortment!). What Apéro would be complete without a good drink? Check out the drink menu to enjoy a wide selection of French wines as well!
Just for our participants: One (1) glass of wine welcome drink (per person) when you post an Instagram story mentioning @Apéros_ Frenchies and @die_fromagerie ! 
Did you make too many friends at the last Apéros Frenchies after work, and now you’re worried you won’t find enough seating space? T’inquiète pas, you can get the same selection of charcuterie to go! So grab your friends and find a sunny spot on the terrace.
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