Twas the night before Halloween and all through the city people were stressing about how to get around while dressed up all pretty.
You’re right we shouldn’t try poetry… but you, lovely Frenchies, should definitely try ride-sharing app Kapten! Some of you may remember them as Chauffer Privé, but they’ve taken a moment to reintroduce themselves and are back and better than ever.
Creating an account is easy! Simply download the app, enter your phone number and info, and get ready to ride.
They have an awesome rewards program where you can gain loyalty points by riding with Kapten and redeem those points for free rides. It just so happens that this offer is arriving just in time for our Masquerade Night in Paris. This offer is only available until 31 December 2019 so be sure to download and start riding to gain your loyalty points! What are you waiting for?
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