After a long day of work we just want to relax and catch up on the latest episode of our favorite shows. Why not pour yourself a nice glass of wine, pick out a soothing candle, and slip under some cozy blankets. Looking for a candle that is equal parts cozy and eco-friendly?
Apéros Frenchies is excited to introduce you to a sustainable, all-natural alternative to the traditional soy, palm, or paraffin wax candles. Where traditional candles may harm the environment, with a 100% Cotton wick and eco-friendly coconut wax, you can guarantee that your candle is clean burning. 
My Pure Life Style offers succulents and candles that are perfectly suited to your home and smell great thanks to their infusion of natural essential oils. Discover My Pure Life Style’s collection of clean-burning designer candles now on Etsy!
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or follow this link to apply the 15% discount and receive free shipping. This Good Deal Expires 24 December 2019 so be sure to check out their site and make a purchase soon. Did somebody say Holiday Gifts? Purify your home with style!
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