Apéros Frenchies understands the challenge of moving to a new country and expand a network. The 2 founders faced the same challenge when they traveled abroad or arrived in Germany. Based on their experiences, they decided to create a platform where a newcomer can easily expand her/his network. That’s why Apéros Frenchies help you to create your connection while arriving in a new city through our different social media groups. Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich are among the few cities in Germany with growing number of different trendy venues. Our experience in organizing events helped us establish a good relationship with different venues in each city. We seek to satisfy our customers who crave for an all-inclusive afterwork event by organizing and introducing them to best locations where they can come again.

We carefully chose these three cities because they are becoming favored destinations for expatriates who work, and hope to expand their networks. As a result, Apéros Frenchies is dedicated to facilitating a memorable time with its different afterwork events. Just come to the next event and see for your self.