Amid this global health crisis, we caught up with our wonderful CEO, Marie-Anne You to hear about how she is staying positive in a time of such uncertainty.

Credit: Instagram @marieanne_you

Marie Anne YOU:

“One question people have asked me a lot, these last couple weeks: “what are you actually doing during the quarantine since everything is shut down?“ As you know, we postponed all of our Apéros Frenchies events due to the current situation and our company will be a bit quiet for the next few weeks.

Well first, I’ve been at home. As silly as it sounds, I’ve been traveling non-stop for months without spending time in a real place to call HOME and it was much needed. I am the kind of person who cannot stop working/travelling/moving .. and this situation has forced me to calm down and find time for myself as well as others.

Even though I cannot find the words to describe what’s going on at the moment, I have to say that postponing the events ironically came as a benefit to us. I spend more time with my inspiring team, we brainstorm about new projects, we develop the digital side of our business, we restructure, and we are (finally) taking time to think about our branding ! Our minds are full of inspiration and great ideas, and this period allows us to take a step back and look at all that we have achieved and all that we can do!

The truth is, we are always complaining about not having enough time in our professional lives as well as in our personal lives. Now that we have this time, let’s make the most of it because tomorrow it might be gone again! So take a deep breath, and let’s enjoy all of the beautiful things that we didn’t even notice before!”