Happy Monday Munich Frenchies! We hope you’re enjoying all of the Oktoberfest Festivities and had a great time at our Oktoberfest themed event at Cocoon Hotel last week!
If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen our Co-Founder May there helping our Munich Ambassador keep the party going! If you were really lucky you might have even caught them out later in the week joining the crowds in the famous Oktoberfest tents.
Laurianne is our current City Ambassador in Munich, Germany. Although Munich is now her home, Laurianne is actually a Paris native! The next time you run into her feel free to say hello in German, English, or Italian. In addition to organizing all of our awesome events, Laurianne does spend some time enjoying all that Munich has to offer.
Next time you’re feeling hungry in Munich Laurianne recommends Brasserie Colette , a restaurant specializing in French brasserie cuisine.
Although they’ve put a spin on the classic plates we know and love, it is perfect if you’re looking for a touch more French ambiance in your life. Their menu is impressive and the food looks incredible, so do not be surprised if you catch a few fellow Frenchies there on a night out!
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