The Perfect Cognac Cocktail for Apéro – Sense of Spirits

The Perfect Cognac Cocktail for Apéro – Sense of Spirits

​Reading, working out, and cooking… a lot of us have discovered some new skills during this – what we could call – a “suspended time”. Even if your days are similar, your Apéro beverage doesn’t have to be! It’s time to try new evening saveurs with Sense of Spirit! Allow your mind to escape to the French countryside, with this a cognac cocktail for Apéro!


Quarantine, week 5. Facing those last daily rays of sunlight, we take time to check on our loves ones more than never. We talk about our daily routines, about those empty streets that we can see all day from our balconies, and gossip about those ones breaking the rules. We try to guess what is coming next, we exchange some tips, and most of the time we virtually cheer together. Now, it’s time to break your routine.

Cognac lovers? Wine lovers? We found the perfect combine for your next apéro! Sweet from the grape but keeping the intensity from the Cognac, those ready-to-sip cocktails might sparkle up your quarantine evenings! Be ready to enjoy  your cognac cocktail for the Apéro, from your favorite home spot : balcony/ kitchen/ or  living room.

This new french brand: Sense of Spirits  sets a new paradigm to taste and enjoy the subtleties of cognac. Their premium products come in different flavours to meet today´s generation desire for refinement, delicacy and French finesse. They create inspiring and timeless lifestyle drinks and strive themselves to introduce new ways to let people enjoy cognac differently!

Various arts are conveyed through Sense of Spirits including the art of producing Cognac, the “Haute cuisine” and painting. Sense of Spirits artworks are created by a reknown artist, Francois Fressinier, from Martin Lawrence Galleries.

Ready to discover fresh and fruity aromas from the grape balanced with an elegant twist of cognac?

Great news, apply 15€ off to orders over 75€ with our promo code APEROSFRENCHIES on their website Sense of Spirits 

Also, we prepared you a DIY recipe to make your own cocktail at home: Cognac Café frappé. Check out our Instagram page to find more about the tutorial. 

Pssst,  If you need inspiration for the perfect Apéro plate while sipping your cognac cocktails, we have got your back! Now it’s time to enjoy  your cognac cocktail for the Apéro!

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