More Cheese? Please! – Die Fromagerie, Frankfurt Am Main

More Cheese? Please! – Die Fromagerie, Frankfurt Am Main

Hey Frenchies! Have you been joining our weekly live streams over on Instagram these past couple of weeks? If not you’re missing out on some great music and masterclasses from some of our favorite partners. This week we were happy to feature Die Fromagerie in Frankfurt. Not only is it one of our teams’ favorites, it is an apéro hotspot for many of our Frankfurt Frenchies!

Before we get into their recommendations, we’d like to thank all of you who tuned in to join us for the At Home Apéro! Special shout out to Michel.Music for keeping the live stream going with some great music, you can find his Soundcloud if you’re looking for more. 

Be sure to tag @aperos_frenchies and use #shareyourapero for a chance to be featured in our Instagram story after the live broadcast.

We have fantastic news for our Frankfurt Frenchies as Die Fromagerie is still open through the ongoing situation. Everything you need to make the charcuterie board of your dreams is available to be ordered and picked up*.

Be sure to call them at +49 173 6684608 or write them on Instagram to place an order.

*Please be advised that if you intend to stop by the store to place or pick up your order that you should follow all local health guidelines as to protective actions that must be taken. Stay Safe!

The Guide to the Perfect Charcuterie Board

We were able to have a quick chat with our Frankfurt Ambassador Alicia and Die Fromagerie Owner Alexandre Allemany. Alex was full of recommendations for us:

The first thing to consider is the Five kinds of cheese, “5 kinds of cheese are necessary to every cheese board, at a minimum, this is what you need to ensure a variety of tastes” says Alex, “Once you have this, you have a great base”.

  • The main key is to have a variety, from a variety of regions.
  • 24-Month-old Comte a favorite and popular in every region of France
  • A smooth cheese like a brie or camembert
  • A Goat cheese, “Herbed from the south of France is best, and it really pulls the plate together” 
  • Don’t forget the blue cheese, “I know some people don’t like its strong flavor, but its too delicious for me to leave off the plate!”

Don’t be afraid to experiment with local tastes! Die Fromagerie will include frischkäse for its German customers as it is a popular option all over the country. 

Add something sweet to balance the flavors on your tongue, and don’t forget the extras!
  • Don’t be afraid to add some fruit, ” Try something in season or pick a regional favorite that pairs well with the cheeses already on the platter”
  • Peanuts, “They are a popular snack when drinking for a reason, but feel free to add some to the apéro”
  • Almonds, “Almonds are the perfect complement so feel free to add them to the plate even if they are less popular”
  • Olives, “Do not forget to add the olives to create a well-rounded plate!”
The Saucisson: DON’T BE CHEAP!
  • Rosette de Lyon, ” We have a rule here about no CHEAP SAUCISSON. This particular variety has a low fat content, and is absolutely delicious”
  • Jambon de Bayonne, “Is a regional favorite from the French Southwest. It is similar to the very famous Spanish aged ham, it is often sold cut very thin” 
  • Pro-Tip: ” Feel free to experiment with specialties from each region. You know you will get a good pairing when you feature cheese and wine from a similar region, so do not be afraid to do the same when considering the meat” 
Be Creative.
  • You can do a regional-specific apéro, but if you do this, focus on the specific regions, “I’d recommend a Rosé from Provence, and a piece of goat cheese from the same region” 
  • Of course don’t forget the drinks, ” Protip: Sparkling wines are also a good option to try out if you want to change up your apéro.”

Thank you again to Alicia, Alex, and the whole Die Fromagerie team for taking the time out to passing along their tips!

We are looking forward to gathering with all of you again soon, but until then be sure to keep up with us on social media! Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on everything Apéros Frenchies. By the way, have you checked out our Apéro At Home Series yet? Catch the first article here, and be sure to subscribe now to never miss an update


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