Eliz and Marie Anne You: Apéros Frenchies Co-Founders

Eliz and Marie Anne You: Apéros Frenchies Co-Founders. Photograph by @Kendrick.Press

Apéro // Apéritif

We are May & Eliz and we are the co-founders of Apéros Frenchies!

We know how difficult it is to live abroad, far from home, friends and family... It is not an easy thing for an expatriate to build a network in his adopted country. Being french expat ourselves, we realized how important it was to get together with people sharing the same vibes,  culinary tastes and excitement when it comes to… Apéro. ⎮French short name for Apéritif! ⎮

That’s why we created Apéros Frenchies, an international community of young professionals living in major cities in Europe.   Forget about classic networking events, Apéros Frenchies is all about good vibes, fun and elegance. 🤩 

We offer you more than just an afterwork. It’s a complete experience where you  can connect and really talk to people, discover new places in town, and of course have fun!

Today, we have over 20,000 members based in Europe (mainly in Paris,  London, Munich, Frankfurt ..) Our goal is to help you  discover the best/new/ or coolest places in town, and help them meet new friends/expand your network! 

Our motto: Your mom always told you “Don’t talk to strangers? Break the rules!” 

  So what are you waiting for? Join us for our next event!
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