3 Effortless & Fun Resolutions for 2021

3 Effortless & Fun Resolutions for 2021

If, like us you tend to start any new year with 100 resolutions  and you give up after a few days/ weeks. Here a list of 3 easy ones, that could also help you to get through this atypical year in the best way possible! 😉


1- Learn a new language

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things.” Flora Lewis

As I mentioned before, what’s worse than living in a country where we don’t speak the language? Living in our bubble doesn’t help much either when trying to integrate! Although some languages can be more attractive than others, you really must force yourself to learn. Believe me, I’ve been living in Germany long enough without speaking German to understand the struggle 😉 

It took me almost 3 years to start pushing myself to learn. I personally used an online platform :  Babbel and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s easy, engaging, and best of all, at your fingertips, online! It really helped me to warm to German and broke down lots of barriers to the language! ;’)

Subscriptions are starting fomr 1 month. So, don’t worry, there is no commitment, suck it and see!  >  Discover here <   Or register as a member to enjoy some exclusive discounts!

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 2-  Learn how to cook (with fresh products)



I realised that despite this lack of social life/ crazy nights, we’ve been forced to focus on what’s real and it is important to enjoy nice dinners and good wine at home with friends! 

It also might also be a nice idea to prepare a special dish “made with love” and why not “from your country” so that your friends can also try something new, this is the core of expat life and experience! Last year we discovered a few companies that deliver great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week! (perfect if, you are usually running out of time!)  Check out Hello Fresh! If you are in France, you can also check this one: www.quitoque.fr



3- Become (more) ecological

This is one thing that we are also working on, to improve our ECO footprint.   We don’t have to change everything but, for instance, we can start using ecological products to wash our dishes after dinner or Apéro at home.  We can decide not to use straws in our cocktails (except if they are made of Recyclable material like here). 

During the Christmas holidays, we tried a kit from the French Start up Pousse Pousse : Make your own washing up soap! It’s easy to use and very cute, the box contains all the ingredients to make your own products. We absolutely loved it! From Monthly box subscriptions to online shop,  this website offers pretty much everything to improve your eco footprint at home!

Each box contains a DIY kit to learn how to make  products you can use on a daily basis, a selection of eco-responsible products and a magazine with zero waste advice and tips.

Check out this French company Pousse Pousse for more inspiration! Psst, we can offer you a 5% discount with our code MAEYPP5! 

So, do you think those 3 resolutions are doable and fun? 🙂

Let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts!


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