Apéros Frenchies is Back!

Apéros Frenchies is Back!

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a long break, but we are happy to see you all healthy, happy, and back enjoying our Apéros Frenchies events in some of the best venues your cities have to offer. With the reopening of restaurants and bars comes some exciting news from the team.

Thanks to your feedback and enthusiasm we are launching in Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon, Copenhagen, and Brussels. With bars and restaurants reopening around the world, we are excited to hit the ground running, and we can not wait to welcome you to new chic venues in these new cities. 

New Cities on the Horizon

We are especially happy to welcome back our community in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, or Munich.  Some of you may have already seen that our Paris events are already up and running, but now we need your help. Do you know a great venue in your city you’d love for us to bring the Aperos Frenchies experience to? Send us a message, our DMs are open, or you can use this handy form right here. 

New Event Concepts Are on The Way!

Along with the traditional Aperos Frenchies events you know and love, we are planning new exclusive experiences, masterclasses, and giveaways for all the members of our incredible community. You will not want to miss these! Be sure to sign up now and become a member of the community. All it takes is a few clicks! 

Get Involved

The our friends and colleagues in the hospitality industry have endured a rough period, and we are committed to making sure to provide the safest experiences for both the staff and our community. If you would like to be a part of our next steps, our applications are still open!  What better way to hit the ground running and help out the hospitality industry than by becoming an Apéros Frenchies ambassador?

See You Soon, 

Apéros Frenchies