A Successful Re-launching in London

A Successful Re-launching in London

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a long break, but we are happy to see you all healthy, happy, and back enjoying our Apéros Frenchies events in some of the best venues your cities have to offer.

 Heads + Tails blends a relaxed ambiance with a stunning interior to create the perfect setting to celebrate Apéros Frenchies in all of its modernness and simplicity. Located in West Hampstead, it is the perfect place to kick off all the great things to come for our International Afterwork Event!

As well as covering all food and drink angles, the bar features a beautiful garden, luscious upstairs decor and a ‘secret’downstairs … A perfect combination to satisfy all your cravings isn’t it?

Thank you to everyone who attended for making the evening an incredible success! We loved meeting all of you and hope you had a lot of fun and made many new friends! This enthusiasm for our re-launching was much appreciated.

Also, Thanks to Audrey our London ambassador for her contagious enthusiasm, and her dedication in making it happen! You can find more about her here!

Thank you to the team for their hospitality and service throughout the evening.

Thank you again to our partner  Citadelle for sharing this journey with us!  We definitely can’t wait to see you soon London  Be sure to like our Facebook Page  or Instagram to stay updated about our next Afterwork

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