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A Successful Re-launching in London

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a long break, but we are happy to see you all healthy, happy, and back enjoying our Apéros Frenchies events in some of the best venues your cities have to offer.

 Heads + Tails blends a relaxed ambiance with a stunning interior to create the perfect setting to celebrate Apéros Frenchies in all of its modernness and simplicity. Located in West Hampstead, it is the perfect place to kick off all the great things to come for our International Afterwork Event!

As well as covering all food and drink angles, the bar features a beautiful garden, luscious upstairs decor and a ‘secret’downstairs … A perfect combination to satisfy all your cravings isn’t it?

Thank you to everyone who attended for making the evening an incredible success! We loved meeting all of you and hope you had a lot of fun and made many new friends! This enthusiasm for our re-launching was much appreciated.

Also, Thanks to Audrey our London ambassador for her contagious enthusiasm, and her dedication in making it happen! You can find more about her here!

Thank you to the team for their hospitality and service throughout the evening.

Thank you again to our partner  Citadelle for sharing this journey with us!  We definitely can’t wait to see you soon London  Be sure to like our Facebook Page  or Instagram to stay updated about our next Afterwork



5 Tips to Handle Those Expat Blues 

The expat blues are probably at the epicenter of peoples worries when moving abroad. However, at least in our opinion, this is still seen as a taboo that nobody really wants to bring up. As usual, Apéros Frenchies has your back!  today, I decided to share some top tips with you guys based on my experience regarding this incredible but also not easy journey of being an expat.  Hopefully these tips to handles those expat blues will help you to get through this difficult time!


We often move to a new country by ourselves and most often for a job opportunity. We say goodbye to our family, our friends and we jump into a new adventure not knowing exactly how long it will last. But keep in mind that this is an exciting feeling and that’s the reason why we are doing it after all, embrace the adventure and keep in mind that expat blues is part of the journey!

1 – Open your heart to a new relationship

Have you ever noticed that people are usually more open minded in your new adopted country than back home? The expat syndrome is contagious!

When we live abroad, we usually leave everyone behind and start a new life. We don’t have our family, our best mates or ex classmates to hang out with anymore. It’s hard to socialise and make real connections. So, if you don’t take this opportunity to open your heart to unknown people, you can possibly end up by yourself at home feeling this expat blues. (And this is probably not what you are looking for! 😉 

Why not go for some drinks with your colleagues afterwork and take this opportunity to build relationships. You can break the ice by asking some simple questions such as if they already lived abroad or moved to another city. It helps to break the ice and maybe you will find some common points to chat about. The main thing is that you put yourself out there and make an effort, trust me, you won’t regret it! Who knows, maybe you will meet your best mate or long-time partner in the process 🙂

2 – Try to socialise as much as possible

Yes, I know, it’s easy to say and especially during this lockdown time where we’d rather be tucked up and cosy at home.. but don’t be lazy, take this chance and remember that we always meet people for a reason!  Why not ask this easy-going friend to go for a walk / run or to grab a coffee outside and tell him/her to bring a friend or two?

Never underestimate this spontaneous catch up, because sometimes that is how you make the best – unexpected – connections!  By the way, we often say in French “Les amis de mes amis sont mes amis” (My friends’ friends are my friends). Get it? 



3 – Use social networks

I have seen many times in the different countries/cities I have livedin, people posting in expat groups asking to meet new friends. It takes courage to do it, but I am pretty sure that most of them met some cool people to hang out with or good friends, you have nothing to lose!

Don’t be ashamed to ask, there is absolutely no shame in this! we all went through it and most people would appreciate it because they are probably feeling the same way but are too afraid to take the initiative! 

Even though I personally don’t use Facebook that much anymore it is a great network to share these kind of experiences and to join expat groups in your new city (or just our Apéros Frenchies’ page 😉 )


4 –  Exercise the language part of your brain!

What’s worse than living in a country where we don’t speak the language? Living in our bubble doesn’t help much either when trying to integrate! Although some languages can be more attractive than others, you really have to force yourself to learn. Believe me, I’ve been living in Germany long enough without speaking German to understand the struggle. 😉 It took me almost 3 years to start pushing myself to learn. I personally used an online platform :  Babbel and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s easy, playful, and best of all, at your fingertips, online! It really helped me to warm to German and broke down lots of barriers to the language! ;’)

Learn a new language with Babbel



5 – Organise small events at home

Due to the pandemic, the restrictions are different depending on the country you live in. However, if we cannot meet in restaurants or bars, generally you are still allowed to invite friends over (check the restrictions regarding your country).

I realized that despite this lack of social life/ crazy nights, we’ve been forced to focus on what’s real and it is important. Yes, Friday night fever is cool but what about a nice diner and good wine at home with great people? You can have some good chats, and even learn new things about your friends, such as musical ability!

For instance, it might be a nice idea to prepare a special dish from your country so that your friends can also try something new, this is the core of expat life and experience! Friends are always happy to discover new cultures! Also, don’t hesitate to check out our article  Apéro at Home – Plan the Perfect Apéro!  If, you are running out of time, we definitely advise you to have a look at this website!  HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week!



Don’t worry, if cooking is not one of your best skills, you can still order food from your local restaurant  using the handy app and keep it easy! 

Anyway, use this opportunity to ask friends about their feelings and how they handle their expat blues. You’d be surprised when you ask this question that you won’t be the only one who has mixed feelings! 😉


6 – Zoom Apéro from Apéros Frenchies 

You probably know about us because you’ve been to our networking events, right? Or maybe someone told you to come! I will soon talk soon about the reasons that drove me to build Apéros Frenchies and organise those events. However, unfortunately, we cannot organise events right now but some of you asked us about some digital Apéros to connect all of you guys! 

We have already done it a few times and we had a lot of fun! Let us know it is something you would like to do again! 


BONUS Treat yourself! (One of my personal favourites)

Who said we couldn’t buy happiness? It’s true that happiness does not comprise of an online order, but it can contribute! (Raise your hand if you agree!) 

Have a look at it, find your perle rare, add it to your Christmas Wishlist and enjoy! 

Cosy Blancket with sleeves 

Bathtube shelf with sucker 

Foot massager 

By the way, maybe you already checked it out before, but we have also written an article about our favourite products to buy especially tailored to a busy expat lifestyle!  

Also, if like me, you crave delicious French chocolate, I can give you a tip, you can definitely buy a bit of happiness here! (That’s my personal secret but don’t shout it too loud!) 

That’s it for today guys! I hope I helped you a bit regarding your expat journey with these top tips to handle these expat blues. Please, don’t hesitate to comment on our Facebook post if you have other ideas to share or would like to find out more and don’t forget to follow our Instagram page too! 

Remember: You mum always told you “don’t talk to strangers!” ? BREAK THE RULES!

St. Germain Spritz – the Perfect Cocktail for Summer

The St. Germain Spritz  has become a crowd favorite at Apéros Frenchies event, and was featured as the welcome drink of choice at several of our events!
The Liqueur is crafted from elderflower blossoms harvested in late spring, making it the ideal summer drink. You all know by now however that while summer may be our favorite season, we’re hosting International Afterwork events year-round. Luckily, there’s a St. Germain cocktail for any occasion. Next time you’re at one of our events feel free to try a St. Germain Spritz! Or if you’re one of our lucky  Frenchies, maybe its time you brought along a bottle of this authentic French liqueur to your next Apéro and put your twist on the welcome drink?  Here a recipe to make your own St Germain Spritz; the perfect cocktail for summer!
 4cl  St~Germain liqueur
 6cl  Dry Sparkling Wine

 6cl  Sparkling Water

Combine all of the ingredients over ice in your favorite glass. Stir gently. Garnish with a lemon twist!

Enjoy your St Germain Spritz! Santé

Any other recipes? Check out ou  DIY Cocktails with Sense of Spirits Cognac,
or a refreshing long drink of  Lillet Tonic  and if you need some inspirations of  “accompagnements”, we’ve got your back!

Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on  Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the Apéros Frenchies events to stay in touch with all your new expat friends? We look forward to seeing you all at our next event!

Liqueur St Germain

Mauricio Cuervo Hair Styling

The Perfect Hairdresser in Your City!

Lockdown is over, even though we can’t see you at one of our events at the moment, it  means hairdressers are open once again! Thank God, we don’t have to cut our hair by ourselves anymore! Apéros Frenchies’ team knows the struggles of being an expat and finding the perfect hairdresser in your city. Discover our favorite salons depending on the city you’re based in! (Frankfurt, London, Munich)

<br />

<br />

Receive 30% off your hair appointment when you mention Apéros Frenchies!

Enjoy great service from Mauricio or his team and maybe even indulge in a few extra treatments at the separate nail bar! Did you know? Any tips received at Mauricio Cuervo Hairstyling Salon are directly sent to benefit Niños Con Futuro, a foundation committed to improving the quality of life of Colombian orphan children. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving! So head on over and switch it up with a new cut or maybe even add a little color! Our very own Co-Founder Marie Anne stops by whenever she’s in town needing a fresh hairstyle, so he comes highly recommended! The perfect hairdresser in your city!

For full contact info, find his card here. We can’t wait to see your new looks!
<br />
Where to find the  salon:
Kirchnerstrasse 3 Frankfurt,
Germany 60311
+49 171 5867170
<br />
Credit Margaux Salon
  • London family, if you are French, you have probably heard of the wonderful Margaux Natural Boutique Salon. Coming from a family of hairdressers, French entrepreneur Margaux Cras opened her salon in London in 2017, and since then, has become a staple for the French community. Her friendly team is always ready to give you a warm welcome in French or English! 
<br />
Reason #1 why we love Margaux Salon: from hair to nails, she only works with natural products!
As an Award-Winning Natural Boutique Salon, the team carefully selects natural and organic products and brands that give you the best quality treatments. Here, you can enjoy the luxury of ultra-effective hair and nail care, without sacrificing the quality! 
With services for both men and women, why not bring your man along for your next treatment? Ranging from hairstyling (including cuts, blow-dry, hair-up, wedding hairdo and hair extensions) to manicures and pedicures, there is something for everyone. Don’t just take our word for it, follow them on Instagram here to discover all of their amazing work! Be sure to keep an eye on their Instagram page, as well as ours, because a little birdie told us they might host a Giveaway Contest for a lucky customer! 
Get ready for a future Kentish Town location coming soon, we can’t wait to see you there. Until then, check out the Highbury location:
<br />
Where to find the salon:
140 Blackstock Rd,
Finsbury Park, London N4 2DX,
United Kingdom
+44 20 3952 8597
(NB: Due to covid 19 , it will re open in July)
<br />
<br /<br />
  • Munich community, this next one’s for you!
<br />
Nestled in the heart of the city, BarBier offers the best hairdressing services for you and your crew. Come enjoy pure relaxation and fresh coffee in a cozy living room atmosphere during your next service. BarBier does it all – haircuts, hair extensions or thickening, hair coloring and even barber services! With 96% natural ingredients, you can feel good about getting the treatment you want. They only work with sustainable companies with almost all of their products coming from Europe. Chic, cool and vegan all come together at this Munich salon, you simply must stop by and have a look! 
Pssst…. word on the street is they offer a free beer and head or hands massages when you mention Apéros Frenchies on the day of your appointment! Isn’t it the perfect hairdresser in your city!
<br />
<br />
Where to find the salon:
Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 1A,
80539 München, Germany
+49 89 14336833
<br />
Also, feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the Apéros Frenchies events. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event! 
Aperos Frenchies Welcome

The Breakdown: Get to Know Apéros Frenchies

Apéros Frenchies was founded by French sisters Marie Anne and Eliz You in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany in 2015. After traveling and spending time as expats in several countries they were missing the little touches of home. So they decided to unite the French expatriate community and share their culture and culinary tastes with their new community. What better way to do this than through a casual Apéro? This is how Apéros Frenchies was born!
The Beginnings

Who could have known in September 2015 how quickly we would grow, and how many cities we would have the opportunity to bring the French tradition of Apéro! From our very first official Facebook event at the Westin Grand Frankfurt, we were excited to meet people who wanted to experience the French Art-de-Vivre. It was a year of firsts, from Summer Garden Parties to our Comme à la Maison event at Coco-Mat ! We even partnered with some of our favorite brands like Tara Jarmon and Ligne Roset and invited you to exclusive events. 

While Frankfurt is the birthplace of Apéros Frenchies, the heart of the company will always be in France. After an expansion to Munich (2016) and a trial in Stuttgart, Apéros Frenchies came to Paris in December 2018. We knew we were creating events we would want to attend, and Paris welcomed the concept with open arms. The year was filled with beautiful locations and fun moments on rooftops and on terraces all over the city!

Our Expansion

Who doesn’t love unpretentious fun at some of the best venues in the city? As ex-pats ourselves, we recognized how wonderful it was to be able to meet people in a convivial atmosphere. So we knew it was the right time to expand to more cities and bring the French Art-de-Vivre with us! We took Apéros Frenchies to Bogotá, Colombia, and London, the UK in 2019 and brought all of you along with us.

As with any rapidly expanding startup we took all the experience we gained and worked hard to maintain our values. We knew we wanted Apéros Frenchies to be a place where people from anywhere could feel at home. To that end, we have always worked to introduce all of our Frenchies to the best people we know in the best places we know.

Finally, we decided to turn our website into a place where everyone could come for inside tips! We currently comb through our international afterword event cities to find places we hope you will be excited to discover. 

The Future

Apéros Frenchies organizes monthly events in 6 cities around the world: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, and Bogota. We’ve come a long way, but as we look towards the second half of 2020 we are excited to get back to basics!

Expect more of the same after-work events you know and love, but with more fun twists! Who knows, maybe we’ll bring back our garden parties later this year? Until then, we are excited to present you all to more small businesses in the start-up community.

As we work to get through the ongoing crisis, keep an eye on our At Home Apéro series! Start reading here, and be sure to keep up with us to catch all of our upcoming content.

We are looking forward to the time when it will be safe once again to introduce you to the best, trendiest places in your city. Until then we encourage you to join our unique community by subscribing to our newsletter, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Instagram.

Restaurant Interior at Mama Shelter London

Eat Mama, Drink Mama, Sing Mama – Mama Shelter, London

Are you a Londoner looking to pop in for a quick drink or a light meal? Maybe you’re just visiting for business or pleasure and you’re looking to make East London your base for exploring the rest of the city! Whatever your needs, Mama Shelter London is a place to relax, put your feet up and enjoy some great company.

Located just a quick hop from the Cambridge Heath Underground stop, Mama Shelter London is a great spot for an after-work Apéro. They have an outdoor courtyard perfect for when the weather warms up, and plenty of cozy indoor spaces to relax after a long day at work or exploring the city.

We already know you’re probably wondering what kind of snacks you’re going to pair your wine and cocktails with. So we are delighted to say that while the drink menu is full of lovely choices, the team at Mama Shelter London does not disappoint on either front.

They have starters and set menus with all the Buratta, Truffle, and Pesto staples you know and love, but have included some extra treats! Try the Pork Belly Baos or the Cauliflower Potato Samosas for a snack, but if you are really hungry, why not go for the full Apéro Dinatoire? You can grab a pizza to share or even stick with the British classic, Fish and Chips.

With so many choices we’re getting hungry already! The Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menus are extensive so be sure to check them all out here.

We are sure that after a couple of drink even the shyest among your crew will be ready to step into the Karaoke room! Don’t worry, we have it on good authority that the rooms are soundproof…

I’m ready to book my table and karaoke room right now. We’re sure you must be feeling the same so be sure to check them out next time you’re in the neighborhood. 

See you soon in London!

Mama Shelter London
437 Hackney Rd
London E2 8PP, United Kingdom
Sunday to Thursday: 7 am -12 am
Friday & Saturday: 7am -1am
Karaoke: 12 pm to 12 am 7 days a week

Bloom Kensington Bar and Booth Interior

Drink, Dance, Eat…Repeat! – Bloom, Kensington

Bloom Kensington is one of our newest finds in the London nightclub and restaurant scene. We here at Apéros Frenchies are excited to invite you to spend an evening dancing the night away with us.

Located in trendy Kensington, Bloom is the perfect setting to stop in for a classic after-work drink and a light meal. Bloom features a delicious menu jam-packed with delicious flavors and classic bar favorites. If you’re feeling adventurous check out the Bowl and Canape section, we’re partial to the mac & fromage. Be aware that the main menu available is only available until 10 pm. However, if you pulled a late-night finishing up a project in the office not to worry! Bloom serves food all night long. Whether you’re in the mood for a cocktail, beer or wine the extensive offerings will surely suit any palate.

If you just so happen to be a connoisseur of British Lagers be sure to check out the Schooner of Bloom London Lager. Specially brewed in Greenwich for Bloom Kensington, Meantime is one of London’s leading craft brewers! Don’t worry, they even have hard seltzer options for even the most particular partiers.

Have you reserved your free tickets to meet us at Bloom Kensington 🌸 March 12? You could win 1 bottle of prosecco & 1 sharing plate for you and your crew. Get all the info and try your luck over on our Instagram now, and get ready to dance the night away this Thursday

Tickets are limited so do not wait, RSVP to the event now, and be sure to secure your free ticket before its too late. 

See You Soon!

Lost Society Bar Interior

Bottomless Brunch Anyone? – Lost Society, Battersea

Three words London Frenchies: Bottomless Disco Brunch.

Now that we have your attention allow us to introduce you to Lost Society Bar & Restaurant. Located in Battersea (w/another location in Putney), Lost Society has a sumptuously decorated Art Deco interior to welcome diners and partiers alike. With its rich jewel-toned furnishings, you might have just found the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post!  Maybe you like to keep your movements on the low, and you’re looking for a new spot sink into some cozy chairs with a cute date and a delicious cocktail? Let the team at Lost Society take care of you!

The menu features flavorful dishes and small plates perfect for sharing! Pro tip: Don’t skip the cocktail menu! Gin lovers rejoice, once you’ve had a nice laugh at the pun inspired names be sure to try any of their many gin-based cocktails. That is of course if you make it past the bottomless brunch deal available at the weekend! Their extensive menu is bound to satisfy even the vegan and vegetarians in your group with specials like a vegan cheeseburger with the Beyond Meat Patty, and a delicious twist on avocado toast. Don’t forget to add on your choice of Mimosa or Bubbles.

Not a brunch person? Stop by on a Sunday for a classic Sunday roast, with options to share and add on, you can celebrate this British tradition with a meal that brings everyone together.  Need some more inspiration? Check out their Instagram here! 

Lost Society UK
339 Battersea Park Rd, Battersea,
London SW11 4LS, United Kingdom

Lou.yetu hands in pockets

LÕU.YETU x Apéros Frenchies

London Frenchies, have you signed up for our newsletter yet? If you have not, then be sure to sign up now to grab your official invitation to join the next Apéros Frenchies event: a special cocktail evening in the London LÕU.YETU pop-up store!


It is the perfect opportunity to scratch a few gifts off of your holiday shopping list or maybe even pick up something special for yourself… ’tis the season! Discover original Parisian-inspired jewelry and enjoy an exclusive 10% off all night when showing your invitation to join us for a special cocktail party in the LÕU.YETU pop-up store located in Mayfair!
So come out and enjoy a delicious cocktail from our favorite Citadelle Gin, shop the beautiful Parisian-crafted collection, and enjoy some music from one of our favourites DJ CONFLUENCE.
You may even win a 100€ voucher – to spend on you or a friend! Its time to fall in love with the exquisite LÕU.YETU collection. Registration is mandatory and spaces are limited, Grab your spot here!
Check out the Le Petit Journal London article: here.
Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the Apéros Frenchies events. We look forward to seeing you all at our next event!

Meet the Team: London

I am Audrey and I am the new London Apéros Frenchies Ambassador !
I am 26 years old and I have been calling London home for the past two years.
I am actually a country side girl as I am coming from a little city called Aurillac. You might have never heard of it as it’s a city lost in the middle of France but believe me it offers an amazing range of speciality like Truffade, (sorts of potato and cheese dish you should definitely look it up on Google 😉)My favorites places in London are of course a cheese shop called Hamish Johnson (@hjfinecheeses ). 🧀There you’ll be able to find almost all the variety of cheeses you want for a reasonable price (I am crazy about their truffle brie) and on top of that they are super friendly !I would also recommend the Floating Bakery (@the.floating.boulangerie ) this one is a little gem ! It’s a business that has been created during the pandemic and without a fail their almond croissant is one of the best (if not THE best) I have ever had ! 🥐

Finally, there is a wine bar that I really love, it’s called Vagabond (@vagabondwines). 🍷 It has different locations in London, their wines are coming from all over the world and they have a very nice range of tapas (psss: it’s not too expensive and great for a date night ! Been there done that 😉)

Anyway, enough about me, what’s more exciting than Apéros Frenchies coming back to London?! 🎉 You have no idea how excited I am to meet our London community !

Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch with all your new expat friends? We look forward to seeing you all at our next event!