London Frenchies, this one is for you! We’re sure by now that you’ve had a chance to check out the stunning Curtain Hotel, a Hotel & Members’ Club in the heart of Shoreditch.
Some of you might remember our London Launch event in July, or maybe you were with us just last week in the beautiful Green Room? Regardless, we are happy to extend to you this incredible offer by the team at the Curtain.
Have you been looking for a nice coworking space? Somewhere where after a long day you can grab a drink, relax, have a quick meal, or maybe attend an event? If you’re a firm believer that all work and no play makes for no fun at all, then the Curtain Members Club might be just the spot for you! From the several beautifully decorated restaurants/bars and intimate club areas, we are positive you will be able to find just the environment to suit your needs. They’ve even created a space dedicated to your wellness: a rooftop pool, a 24 hour gym, a massage center…. the opportunities for relaxation are endless.

If you’re reading this we know you’re already a fan of a Good Deal, and we are happy to report that the team at the Curtain offers even more promotions and discounts to its members in all 3 of its restaurants. So what are you waiting for London Frenchies?! Snap up this Apéros Frenchies Certified Good Deal before its too late.

Yearly membership for Apéros Frenchies participants is 800 Pounds instead of the typical 1200 Pound rate. To receive a 400 Pound discount on yearly membership, and pay approx. 70 Pounds a month for all the benefits listed above, please email info@aperosfrenchies.com
Be sure to move quickly as this deal is only available until 30 September!
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