Apéros Frenchies x French Abroad, Collaboration Unveiling a Stylish Collection

Apéros Frenchies x French Abroad, Collaboration Unveiling a Stylish Collection

We have teamed up with the Parisian brand French Abroad to introduce a special collection!

In a celebration of global connections, expat lifestyle, and French art de vivre, we have given rise to a unique made-in-France clothing collection!

To proudly signify your belonging to the Apéros Frenchies family—whether you’re an expat, a global soul with an open mind, or simply someone embracing the vibrant essence of our community—this collection is your stylish passport to a community that celebrates the joy of living life to the fullest.

Jetlaggers Collection:

You’ve probably recognized the “Jetlaggers” logo, representing our premium club inside the community!  But it’s not just a label or a club; it’s a way of life – living fast, globetrotting with style, mingling boldly, and diving into the thrill of the unknown! 😉

Do you recognize yourself in this lifestyle? Then Grab your Jetlaggers Sweat here!

Psst: Because we love to spoil you, if you are a Jetlaggers member, you can enjoy 10% off the entire website.

Quality, Swagger, Sustainability:

Crafted with quality and a dash of swagger, this collection is more than eye candy. It’s a commitment to sustainability, echoing the responsible ethos of Apéros Frenchies and French Abroad. Look good, feel good, and make a statement—all while embracing a fashion-forward, eco-conscious lifestyle. This collection checks all the boxes!

Curious to discover the entire French Abroad collection? Check it out here!

We can’t wait to see you wearing our beautiful collection. Everything is on pre-order only.

If you want to receive it before Christmas, make sure to order it before Sunday, December 4th.

See you at our next events, we can’t wait!

Your  AF team!

Copyright Apéros Frenchies I Morgan Amsellem


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